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2017-03-13 08:38 pm

OCC - Preferences


First time user of Dreamwidth and just getting started. I started this account with the interest of roleplaying Sherlock, specifically the BBC version though I am open to conversing with characters from other versions. If your character is not from Sherlock feel free to contact me anyway.

I'm comfortable with playing Sherlock at any timeframe within BBC's series 1-4. Please advise if your prompt has a specific preference. I may come off cold and distant at times but I will not constantly be an asshole. I think that part of his personality tends to be overplayed.

Open to:
Most commonly known pairings. Gen: All, Romance/Smut: I play Sherlock as Asexual/Demisexual.
I'm more interested in interacting with others in a gen way as opposed to romantic.

Closing Remarks: Not every idea can be addressed in this post. If you want to interact with me but I haven't addressed your idea, message me anyways. The worst I can say is "No, thank you."